1. msapers's Avatar
    My 9630 claims to be charging when it's not plugged in. Battery status is always 100% and "Charging at a reduced rate". It will stay that way until the battery dies. The only way to recharce the battery is to pull the battery out, connect the charger and reinstall the battery.

    This all started after I had connected it to my laptop via USB to do a backup. Now when it it restarted (even with no charger connected) I get an error message saying "The device connected can not charge your phone."

    I have tried 3 different batteries and several different chargers (Wall, car and USB) with no change. All batteries and chargers function normally on my wifes phone. I have also tried a security wipe and restore from Desktop Manager.

    I am out of ideas and am considering using my phone for target practice.

    Other than this, it functions perfectly. Ideas??? Seriously, any help would be appreciated.
    02-06-11 09:11 PM
  2. jeffh's Avatar
    You have conclusively proven the problem lies in the charging circuitry in your Tour itself. If it's still in warranty, you should have a valid claim. Otherwise, target practice.
    02-06-11 09:53 PM