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    hey anyone have a problem with their 9630 backlight... powers on fine when battery first installed, can see the little clock spinning then the backlight goes off and never comes back on. I can see the LCD is on when i put the phone up to a light but the backlight is off the keyboard is off. I tried a OS reinstall to see if it was something I did by mistake but that did not fix it. Any help would be appreicated. thanks
    07-04-10 12:37 PM
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    Go stand in a closet - you'll see the light! Lol The backlight has an ambient light sensor. If the ambient light is dim, it illuminates. If not, it won't. You can find the backlight settings at: Options > Screen/Keyboard.

    BTW, welcome to CB.
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    07-04-10 03:04 PM
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    hey thanks for the reply but I tried that and it did not work. Not sure if its a hardware issue or a software issues. The screen just stays black. Whats funny is that when I first power on the phone it works fine but a few seconds after that clock stops spinning the blacklight never comes on again. The keyboard blacklight does not come on at all and I also noticed that my little LED light over the LCD screen never blings. The screen is so dark I cannot see anything to even attempt to change any settings...
    07-05-10 12:56 AM
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    Sorry, I thought your backlight complaint was keyboard specific. If your LCD screen is black with no signs of life, your device is either damaged or defective. If you've done an OS re-install, you've done all you can do. There aren't any settings available for you to tweak to restore life in the LCD screen. Prior to applying for a new device, you can try to install a different OS (upgrade / downgrade). Maybe you'll have luck with another OS.
    07-05-10 02:11 AM