1. ska11153's Avatar
    Are there any real differences worth upgrading for from .57 to .61? I am not ready to make the jump to 5.0 since I've seen some posts with people having all sorts of various issues.

    11-21-09 05:03 PM
  2. mconk's Avatar
    Its a maintenance release - official carrier updates are beneficial to your device. You should upgrade when available.

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    11-21-09 05:08 PM
  3. dbone15's Avatar
    A casual user most likely notice any change. If you want to see a noticiable difference, load It runs great and I'm sure you will like it.
    11-21-09 05:23 PM
  4. ska11153's Avatar
    Dbone, I saw people mentioning having problems using their GPS and some signal issues when upgrading to 5.0. Are these just isolated?
    11-21-09 05:52 PM
  5. surferjo's Avatar
    Question. The .61, is this a full blown Os that will wipe the phone? The reason i ask is that this is a company phone and our BES is under the control of our PITA IT staff. With all new phones we have to request a temp login/Password before i can do the Enterprise Activation which i cant get without contacting them. Dont want to do it on a friday night and not have my phone all weekend.
    11-21-09 06:05 PM
  6. MykOne's Avatar
    Not many differences from .57 to .61. I think bluetooth works a little better. But still waiting to really test it out with both my Z9i and Plantronics 975. I've had complaints on both that I sound low and muffled.
    The other difference is I think the recpeption on .57 is more stable. I've been bouncing around with 1XEV and 1X like I did with stock .40. Also, jumping around from 4 bars to 2 bars to 1 bar back to 4 bars, all while sitting on my desk.

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    11-21-09 09:44 PM
  7. lastraid's Avatar
    I noticed thw same here with bars - not as bad as your though. Also make sure you have change global to 1XEV in options>mobile network
    11-21-09 09:47 PM