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    I am looking to pick up a 9800 on Tuesday and I am currently a 9700 user. I love my current phone.

    I have been "trolling" this 9800 forum for some time observing peoples thoughts and opinions so far but have concerns. Due to my job I need a phone that has good battery life, loud ringer, good speaker phone and speakers in general for earpiece. Internet, customization etc.

    The 9700 is great for battery, speakers, and well built. But I am seeing alot of concerns with the 9800 and their lack of speaker power I.e. can't hear call or ringer when there is ambient noise. (this is a deal breaker if they are dull and you cant really hear a call unless you run to a quiet place) batterys not lasting for a full day. Battery worse than tour etc.......
    Are you happy with the device or are there too many issues?

    Should I jump on a torch or stay with the tour? Knowing what you know now what would you do?
    10-09-10 11:00 PM
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    Got mine the day after release. I noticed right away that the ringer seemed weak. Swapped it two weeks later due to button panel coming off and loose slider (Mexico 4 build). The second one (Mexico 5 build) has been fine so far with just minor issues all of which have been mostly cured with the 246 upgrade.

    I work in a warehouse environment with lots of large fans that are noisy. The 9800 is just OK for me there. By OK I mean that I can hear the ringer as long as the profile is always set to loud and if the phone is on my workstation within earshot. In the case at my waist, no way I hear it every time. It was unusable for me at work with the stock .141 OS from AT&T. Ringer volume was way too low. Upgrading to .246 helped bring the volume level up.

    Earpiece volume was horrible with the stock AT&T .141 build. It was tinny and hard to hear even if it was quiet around. Again upgrading to .246 brought the volume up so it's OK for me now but just OK not great.

    Do I wish both the ringer and earpiece were louder? YES! Is it lower in volume than my previous BB's (pearl and Bold 9000) and the HTC Tilt 2 I had? Again YES! My volume increased when I upgraded the OS version so I can only hope the next update kicks the volume up some more. The speaker is tucked away behind the sliding keyboard so the volume is somewhat muted. With the battery cover off the volume is way louder but who can run around with no battery cover? So far it's decent enough for me so I can live with it. If it gets to a point where I think I need more volume, I'm actually thinking of drilling a few small holes in the battery cover to help boost the volume up.

    Do I personally think that you will have an issue with the 9800 volume in a noisy work environment? Possibly, only you can tell when you get the phone at your workplace. If possible you need to go to a store with your 9700 set where you like it and do a side by side with the 9800. Then you can tell if it will work. Make a couple test calls too.

    I love my 9800 but like I said the volume and ringer "are" lower than my previous phones, and lower than my Wife's Samsung Impression.

    Battery life has been good for me so far. I can usually go through the whole day (6:00 am to 9:00 pm) with 15 to 20 calls, 10 to 30 texts, 10 or so emails, and around 30 to 60 minutes of off and on web browsing and still have around 35 to 45 % battery left. I don't listen to music, radio, or watch movies on the 9800 plus I have no social apps running. I don't think I could get two full days on a charge with my 9800. My Wife has a 9700 from her work and it has way better battery life than my 9800. She can sometimes go three days on hers.

    Hope this helps.
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    10-10-10 12:30 AM
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    So far I am pleased with my Torch. I can't speak on the volume issue as I don't have noisy enviroments but the phone itself has the best signal strength of any other of my Blackberrys I have used and I live in a fringe area for AT&T. Did have some issues with some of my games only working on OS5 not OS6 so I would be sure any apps. etc you install are for OS6.
    10-10-10 09:38 AM
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    Volume on mine is LOUD, louder than my 9000 was. Battery life is great also, never been below 50% after a normal usage 17 hour day.
    10-10-10 10:05 AM
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    Well are you willing to jump carriers? The torch isn't cdma like the tour. I'm coming from a 9700 and battery life is just as good maybe even better. I'm getting 2 full days on average. Volume has been fine with me. Very happy with the torch. Easily my favorite BB probably my favorite phone of all time. Does everything I want and does it very well.

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    10-10-10 11:04 AM
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    I used to have a 9700 and was constantly using it all day. At first when you get the torch, you'll feel like the device kind of feels awkward, but eventually will love the ability of having a touch and keyboard (especially when browsing! comes in handy when you don't have to scroll around hyper links, and just tap the screen twice to justify the text on to the screen)

    The battery life is pretty good, I use my phone all the time and can stretch it to two days if I have to. Just drain the battery first and give it a full charge overnight and it should be good to go!

    The only issue i've had is the speaker on the handset when making calls. Although not a lot of people are complaining, but my handset and my wifes were affected by this. She returned hers, and mine wasn't bothering me that much since it's always on bluetooth in my car. Otherwise i'm just using my data. Not sure if every handset has that problem, but it doesn't appear that way since not everyone is complaining.
    10-10-10 11:14 AM