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    I posted this question in the os 6 forum with no reply.

    When clicking and holding the trackpad on a contact on my 9700, I get all the options on how to contact the specific person I'm on, ie. Email, text, call, IM. I'm running .344. This was a new gimmick for me so I never tried it on my wife's 9800 before I upgraded her os to .337.

    I noticed that the option to IM a contact is not available to her, only text, email or call. Has anyone come across this situation on the 9800's .337? I'd rather not downgrade to .245(?) Just to verify as .337 works so smoothly.

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    11-17-10 09:14 PM
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    It should work as long as you have some IM client installed. If more than one is installed and the IM clients are linked to that contact you should then be prompted for which one to use...

    BBM and Y! for example linked to any given contact...

    I have a contact added to my HS and when I hold the trackpad with it selected IM is an option. For me at this time since I only have BBM installed, that is what comes up by default when I select IM. I get the same result inside contacts...
    11-17-10 09:23 PM
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    Thanks for the reply. Ae you running .337 as well? I linked my wife's bbm contacts to their respective address book entries but IM still doesn't show up as an option.

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    11-18-10 07:12 AM