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    I recently missed a few vibrating reminders for appointments (ie when all audio prompts were muted) - and thought perhaps it was due to the weak vibration level of the torch, or the bagginess of my new pants. But lo and behold I later discovered that vibrating alerts (which I, and presumably others, who live and die by such reminders depend upon because we don't want our friggin phones making noise all the time) can be short-circuited by inadvertent presses of the unlock button (or mute button) that get pressed while in your pocket, or purse or whatever.

    WARNING, rant ahead.... I swear, the designers of the Torch must secretly own stock in 3rd party companies that make holsters, or alternately OEM holsters are actually the main income source for RIM, or maybe everyone at RIM simply just loves to wear holsters (I mean no ding on you holster wearers - to each his own, - but please support my right not to wear a holster by encouraging RIM to design products that work OUTSIDE of a holster). Because clearly the Torch was designed explicitly NOT to function if stored in one's pocket. Otherwise why else would there be such serious problems with the overly sensitive unlock button (see http://forums.crackberry.com/f209/to...unlock-511658/ ) or the mute button (see http://forums.crackberry.com/f209/ho...player-515857/ ).

    Fortunately, as for the lock/unlock and associated pocket dial issue, a 3rd party app provides a somewhat reasonable solution. Using BerryBuzz (called BeBuzz in the app store, normal list price = $6), one can specify multiple reminders for events, tasks, etc, in case one misses the initial reminder. So for example, I bought BerryBuzz and have set "Reminder Alert Every" = "60 sec" for both Calendar (event) and Task reminders, and in general settings have specified "Stop Reminders After" = "5 min" - which means that if I miss the initial vibrating reminder for an event or task (eg due to an inadvertent pocket press of the lock/unlock or mute buttons), within 60 sec I will get another reminder, and for the next 4 minutes - unless i dismiss or snooze it first.

    Hope this workaround helps others as well...

    P.S. Dear RIM, In a future OS update please address this and related issues via some user-configurable options settings.
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