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    Would moving to the Torch solve these problems I have had with my Bold 9000:

    1. The Bold speakers. My original Bold essentially went silent--one couldn't hear the phone ring. I found a posting that mentioned this was a common problem arising from a defecive speaker design, and suggested a fix that involving putting some paper inside the back cover to separate it more from the phone. I tried it and it fixed my problem, but I eventually just got a warranty replacment. It worked fine for several months and then the same problem re-occurred. Warranty's expired so I am using the paper fix workaround. Has anyone had similar problems with the Torch? The Bold speaker is great when it works....

    2. Memory. I use the Bold with a Enterprise server for complete integration with facets of Outlook. Very important to me. Then I have a variety of applications I really like--Poynt, New York Times, Google Apps, Google Voice, Tripit. In England I add an English train timetable app and a London subway app. I constantly have to reboot because the Bold just does not have sufficient memory for these apps. Finally got a reboot app so that I don't have to do constant battery pulls. This is very annoying--really. I know the Torch is supposed to have more memory, but does it really make a lot more application memory available? That's the key.

    3. GPS. It often takes my Bold quite a while before it can get a GPS reading, even when I'm outside. Which makes some apps fairly useless (navigating using Google is pretty useless with a cell site location "accurate to within 2000 meters"!).

    4. Declining battery life. Used to last more than a day, now lasts less than a day if I am making frequent data or app use.

    Finally, one feature of the Bold I really like is the ability to recharge it by dropping it on the accessory stand which also turns it to the bedside clock mode automatically. Is that also available on the Torch?

    Thanks for your thoughts.
    11-07-10 08:15 AM
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    As a convert from the 9000 to the 9800, here are my thoughts:

    Speakers - the tourch hasn't been out long enough to say if they'll outlast the 9000's, but I never had any problems with my 9000'speakers, they alwaysworked great. But, one thing I have noticed is the sound QUALITY. My 9000's speakers sound much better than my 9800's. My 9800's sound "tinny", while my 9000's sound deep and full for such a small speaker.

    Memory - the 9000 has 1GB if internal memory vs the 9800's 4GB of internal memory. So yeah, you're much, much better off with the 9800.

    GPS - I don't use GPS, but with the touchscreen and larger screen, I'd venture to say those features alone would make it a better device for this purpose.

    Battery Life - the 9800 wins here over the 9000.

    Recharge POD - yes, the 9800 has one and you can even get it here at crackberry.com.

    Final thoughts - when I initiallyordered my 9800, I was excited and couldn't wait to receive it. Upon receiving my 9800, imy excitment quickly went away. I think this was due mostly to the natural learning curve inherent going from the 9000 to the 9800. But after a few days, that started turning around. And as every day passes I become more and more proficient with the device. Since then it's been a complete love affair. I would never go back to my beloved 9000.
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    11-07-10 08:23 AM
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    You was informed incorrectly by mataleao, internal memory for the OS and apps on the 9800 is 512mb vs 128mb on the Bold. So you are in much better shape there. I can't speak for your GPS issues thou.

    As for you battery, your Bold would be better if you got a new one as its old but the Torch should give similar performance depending on use. That screen will drain the battery if you are playing with it a lot and all battery's degrade over time.

    I too went from the Bold 9k to the Torch but returned it as it was not for me. You will notice the keyboard difference, it's a big difference but most get used to it. The screen is bigger but a drop in ppi so thats another down side but it's bigger, you get OS6 with a better browser (subjective) and wireless sync.

    The pod works like the Storm one, on the USB port and not the charging pins btw so thats something to note. All in all try it out and see if it fits as it returns the similar blackberry experience in a new form factor.
    11-07-10 08:51 AM
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    You was informed incorrectly by mataleao, internal memory for the OS and apps on the 9800 is 512mb vs 128mb on the Bold.
    The OP was talking about memory for apps (internal), not RAM. Apps are not stored within a devices RAM, but rather the internal memory. And the 9800 has 4x more than the 9000.

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    11-07-10 09:25 AM
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    Actually mataleao, the apps are stored in the 512 (torch) or 128 (9000) memory. not on the onboard flash storage. it's odd but thats the way it works on a bb for some reason.
    11-07-10 10:22 AM
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    In addition to some of the posts above, here are some other reasons.

    1) Trackpad instead of trackball.

    No more dirty trackball. More precise navigation.

    2) Touchscreen, trackpad, keyboard.

    The three can be used in multiple combinations to increase productivity and ease of use whether messaging, multi-tasking or web-browsing.

    Touchscreen works well giving crisp, clear though not HD images. It also offers more screen real estate.

    Trackpad works as well or better than my 9700.

    Keyboard (physical) will take some getting used to. It is better than my 9000 or 9700. There is none of the customary clackiness. For me, the challenge has been getting better on the virtual one.

    3) Browser

    The webkit browser is far better than the Bold Browser. No need for Bolt or Opera browser. Tabbed browsing, pinch to zoom, double-tap and swipe.

    4) OS 6 allows for more customization option control. Menus are better organized and intuitive. It will be a bit of a learning curve coming from the 9000.

    5) Battery life is as good as or even better. OEM charging pods work great. I have one at work and one at home.

    I am running OS .246 which has improved the features mentioned above. The most current OS leak is version .337 and received good feedback in terms of improving them and fixing others. The best thing is to consider the forum feedback but it will take your personal effort by testing the Torch yourself and decide if it meets your needs.

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    11-07-10 10:40 AM
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    thanks to everyone who commented on this. I got the Torch, had it about two weeks, love it. Memory and battery problems solved, touchscreen and touchpad are great, I like the form. The keyboard is of course not as good as the Bold but I think it will be fine, especially with more time to get used to it.
    01-13-11 08:15 PM
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    Glad you like it. And I agree, the keyboard is not as good as the 9000, which IMO, has the best keypad of all RIMs devices.

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    01-14-11 08:07 AM
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    I would like to add a few comments about the differences. I, too, moved from a 9000 to the 9800. Because the 9800 has 512 MB of app memory, rather than the 128 MB of the 9000, I have been able to keep many more apps on the device concurrently. I, too, had to remove apps from my 9000 to add others because of the lack of memory. In addition, the touch screen, web browser, UI, and look and feel are much better on the 9800. The trackpad is, IMO, one of the best changes. Much better than the ball with fewer issues.

    GPS on the 9800 is about the same as the 9000 as I have found. I use an Otterbox case, so I do not use the cradle. I used on for the 9000. The one for the 9800 doesn't appear to be as easy to use, just from the looks of it.

    Just my two cents.


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    01-14-11 08:22 AM
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    from a previous 9000 user to a 9800 now, i am loving the battery life on this. so much better than the 9000....

    and I agree with jcp007, the touch, trackpad and keyboard really makes a big difference in productivity and multi-tasking
    01-14-11 10:04 AM
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    I recently migrated from the Bold 9000 to the Torch 9800. As others have mentioned, it takes some getting used to, but overall, I like it.

    Battery life seems to be about the same as the 9000. I've had the phone about a week, and have not had to do a battery pull (though I did one just to see what it was like, and I'm glad I did. I could not pull out the battery with my fingers- I had to use a small screwdriver as a lever).

    Because of the increase in usable app memory, I am able to load up all my apps and have not had to worry about memory leaks (hence the no battery pull needed).

    Many have complained that the phone volume is too low. I thought it was, too, but the strange thing is that even though I perceive the volume as being low, I can always hear the person I am speaking to just fine- even if I am in a noisy environment (which is most of the time).

    The speakerphone is plenty loud. The ringer could be a little louder, but I haven't played around with getting louder ringtones yet. The annoying default AT&T song is the loudest, and that is probably loud enough for most people. I like the classic "bell" ring, but it's not loud enough for my taste.

    I haven't made extensive use of the GPS, but a quick test appears to indicate that the GPS on this phone responds much faster than the one on the 9000.

    I still haven't quite mastered taking the phone out of the holster and not causing something to happen because I touched the screen. I am starting to use the screen lock button.

    I do wish the physical keyboard was either larger or laid out differently. Typing a 7 is almost impossible because your fingers get in the way of each other. I am surprised at how adept I am becoming at using the virtual keyboard. Once you learn how much off your fingers are, it's not too bad. I use it for short messages. If someone could come out with a Swype-like app, they'd make a mint.

    My only real complaint is not even the phone's fault- SiriusXM does not have a working app for this phone. I am a subscriber, and used the app on my Bold frequently. I now use Pandora more, and Rhapsody. BTW, the sound quality (through headphones) is noticeably better on the 9800 than the bold. I am very pleased about that.

    I also wish that RIM had used the mini-USB connector instead of the micro. I have plenty of mini-usb cables, but I had to buy an adapter to be able to use them. I also fear the port may give out eventually, but time will tell. I am another person who wiches they had also provided the charging pins for use with a cradle. This saves the wear and tear on the USB port.

    Another minor complaint is that the phone _appears_ to lock up on occasion. Through patience, I have discovered that it is not locking up. It's that certain operations under certain conditions take a while. It doesn't happen often enough to be annoying- just something to keep in mind.

    The faster browser more than makes up for any of the minor complaints I have.

    Overall, I like the phone, and given pros and cons of the two phones, I'd probably rank it about the same as the Bold 9000.
    01-14-11 11:01 AM
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    I have had no problem with the speaker volume. I use a "leather" pocket case and hear the ring--i like a classic phone ring--loud and clear with the phone in my pocket. As for hearing when on the phone, I thougfht at first there might be a problem but then realized the. Once I leaphone is very sensitive to just where you locate it against your ear. Once I learned the sweet spot, no problem.
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    01-15-11 01:28 AM