1. sito's Avatar
    would a moving wall paper slow down the torch performance?

    for example, a waterfall or an active snow fall wall papers slow down the torch.
    11-24-10 12:09 AM
  2. zoom--zoom's Avatar
    As far as i know no it will not affect the performance but if you have to many things running in BG the yes each time you load something it will add up to your memory RAM and that could case the phone to reboot
    I have a wall paper who changes the color of the sky by the hour and i dont have any problem with the phone.
    11-24-10 01:18 AM
  3. Fnord's Avatar
    I would guess that you would take a slight hit in battery life. The question is whether it would be significant enough to keep you from using it.

    Best bet if you're really into the graphic is to give it a try for a couple days and see how things go. Better yet, try an app like MeterBerry to help keep track of battery consumption. It's a paid app, but worth it IMO.
    11-24-10 08:59 AM