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    Brand new to blackberry! Just got my torch yesterday afternoon. I have the 2GB data plan but am trying to not use up the data plan in my house. So the phone is connected to my wifi and ready to go. I shut off the data services option to prevent this and it says that it's connected to my wifi. However, when I try to access the internet or Facebook, a message pops up that says, 'Cannot connect to the internet at this time, please try again later'. Tried a battery pull and everything. Don't know if this problem can be fixed, wanted to try asking here before making a trip back to the AT&T store tomorrow. Thanks to whoever can help in advance!
    05-15-11 05:51 PM
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    Don't turn off data services. What I do is I drop my carrier. This allows data, just through wifi.

    If you want to keep your carrier on, just check the service status menu and it should say "blackberry internet service - wifi" if its using wifi. If it is, most, if not all, programs will use the wifi option over the carrier data.

    3rd party apps are another story and some have an option to choose wifi over the carrier and others just don't give the option.

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    05-15-11 06:04 PM
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    yea you need to leave the data services on. as long as you see the BB icon next to your wifi icon, then all data is going over wifi, not your mobile network.
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    05-15-11 06:50 PM