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    I'm just wondering why someone deleted my thread about the upcoming Willyboy hybrid for 9800? That's not cool! You could at least send me a message explaining what the issue was and give me a chance to edit the thread to correct the problem before you just go deleting it.

    Regardless of what JasW says, I'm not affiliated with Driphter.com in any way other than as a satisfied VIP member. If you don't want to pay to join then you can wait a few more days and get all of their hybrids for free. Nobody is here "trolling" as he suggested. I was just excited about the performance from this hybrid I'm testing and thought others would be interested as well.

    Would love to know who deleted my thread and why..

    11-18-10 03:28 PM
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    Because it's a paid service for vip, which isn't exactly a direct goods purchase in the first place....
    11-18-10 03:30 PM
  3. Fubaz's Avatar
    And should be in the hybrid forum not the 9800 forum

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    11-18-10 03:30 PM
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    Well, it's also a service (getting their hybrids) that you can have for free.
    11-18-10 03:31 PM
  5. Mojoski's Avatar
    I'm sure when it is released, WB will post in the hybrid board a formal announcement. Just wanted folks to know it was coming.. Sorry..
    11-18-10 03:31 PM
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    It was deleted because it doesn't meet the hybrid posting requirements.

    In addition to the regular Posting Rules & Guidelines any "hybrid" or "leaked beta" BlackBerry Smartphone software announced in this forum or made available to CrackBerry members must:
    (a) be accessible to all CrackBerry.com members without payment, password, or other restrictions;
    (b) have adequate freely available information, either in this forum or contained within the download, or a directly linked freely accessible web page, to enable the average hybrid user to install and use it;
    (c) have a direct download URL (link) posted in this forum (i.e. the link must point to an unencrypted archive of the software such that when users click the link they are directly presented with a download or save dialog without needing to navigate other links or pages).
    Full post here: http://forums.crackberry.com/f224/be...elines-485114/
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    11-18-10 03:32 PM