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    Before you answer the questions, please read below my problem.

    I had my 9700 connected to my Companies BES. When on BES, a Browser Called Blackberry Browser in installed. The other Browsers found are Media Net, Internet Browser and Hot Spot Browser. For me to avoid going thru my companies restricted Firewalls, I choose as a default browser Internet Browser. That forces all my browsing to go thru BIS, and it works perfectly.

    I got my new Torch 9800 a few days ago. Everything is working great, except my browsing experience. By default the Torch apparently goes thru the BES tunnel instead of the BIS tunnel. There is no option to select Internet Browser as a default browser. There is no option to make the 9800 browse via BIS. My phone is connected to BES, but my profile is Open (just fyi).

    Anyone has an idea on how to make the browser go BIS instead of BES?

    Thanks for your help!

    08-16-10 06:25 AM
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    I don't believe the browser is configurable anymore, it's basically an all-in-one browser.
    08-16-10 07:01 AM
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    09-20-10 01:27 PM
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    Thanks my friend. Very helpful!!

    09-23-10 04:26 PM