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    Does anyone have any idea where to find movies for the torch. I have an itouch and it is simple you go to iTunes store and rent movie. I rented a movie to try and load from iTunes to the Torch. I just clicked and dragged from iTune library to torch, no problem. But then when you go to play on 9800 it says does not support format. I expected it wouldn't work but I didn't think I could even load it to 9800. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.
    01-15-11 11:37 AM
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    Lol I don't know where to "buy" movies for the Torch. However you can get your itunes movies to play on your BB. Whatcha need to do is go get a converter that will remove the DRM protection that apple puts on its files. That converter will make the changes to the cotainer to make it a regular mp4 cotainer. That part might be easy to do manually. I'm not sure. See apple just tweaks these media containers. For example you can use your mp4 ringtones on your BB for your iphone. Simpley go to your ringtone go into menu and select rename. Change tje .mp4 to m4r save. Attach it to a txt message and send it to the iphone. Rest is easy.
    If you have "unprotected" movie files you can use them on your BB. Just simple convert the files into mp4. You can use vlc to do this with. I make all of my own. I put mp4s on every bodies devices in the house. Fromm psps, ps3s, ipads, iphones, to netbooks. Yes apple device can play the regular mp4 files. Just stupod that they mess w/ it when they make their own mp4 files. Just stupid.

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    01-15-11 01:04 PM