1. RimKid's Avatar
    Hey all,

    I have had my torch since the release in Canada, and I love it, by far the best blackberry RIM has put out and I have owned almost everydevice RIM has put out.

    But I have been experiencing some problems, with the OS I believe.

    Every now and then my Blackberry Messenger sends out Conference Invites to atleast 50 of my contacts? It has happened three times, I will be listening to music or not even on the phone and then I will open up BBM and I have invited 74 contacts to conferences?

    Problem number 2. Marking as favorites, my SMS messages never stays in the favorites section I always have to re-mark it.

    Has anyone else experienced these problems? Or know how to solve them?
    Would the amount of contacts I have on BBM be causing the mass conference invites?

    Thanks for the Help
    10-28-10 12:46 PM
  2. diaz1023's Avatar
    hello and welcome to crackberry! have you upgraded the os to the most recent release? This will most likely help you with the issues that you are having.

    I also know that more knowledgeable help will be on its way.

    Once again welcome to CB!
    10-28-10 12:49 PM
  3. RimKid's Avatar
    I Currently have v6.0.0.246 installed on it, because that is the latest OS Officially released from Rogers. I usually install leaks on my phone but I don't want to on the Torch because I have a feeling it will be a bit finicky. Should I install the newest .284 even though its not released by Rogers? I am very familiar with upgrading OS's have never from another Carrier though. Just delete the vendor.xml as usual everything should be fine?

    And thanks for the welcome looks to be an amazing site.

    10-28-10 12:57 PM
  4. Janye's Avatar
    Canada came with the newest os. I think the sms problem has been recorded here. The mass invites is something I have not heard of, however, someone might have some insight. Welcome to cb

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    10-28-10 12:57 PM
  5. thymaster's Avatar
    Back up your bbm list then try uninstall and reinstall bbm and battery pull after. That usually works for me if an app runs wild.
    10-28-10 01:29 PM