1. overkill's Avatar
    I installed a link to a local news station/paper and now whenever I reboot my torch, it automatically loads the web page on start up.... how do I stop it from automatically loading? otherwise I'm going to just delete the app.
    12-25-10 04:57 PM
  2. shansmi's Avatar
    Installed a link? Created a shortcut from within the browser to the homescreen or off the news website installed their shortcut? If off their website, it is an OS6 interaction problem with their shortcut. Make one from within the browser...

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    12-25-10 05:45 PM
  3. overkill's Avatar
    actually I dont even remember how I installed it... i just deciede to uninstall it for now.. if I find the link I used before I may install it again at a later date.

    thanks for the reply.
    12-25-10 11:03 PM
  4. overkill's Avatar
    ok, heres a new one..... I installed the app LifeInPocket the other day... looks like a decent app. The only issue I have with it right now is when I reboot the phone, it automatically starts up in the background. You wouldnt know it started until I hold the BB button to bring up the "switch app" screen. There it is, running... This inturn noticibly drains my battery faster than usual. I tried looking for a setting to turn off the "automatically start" function but cant find anything in the options or settings.

    any ideas on this app? if this is the only way that this app works, i'm deleting it. I want to decide when an app starts.

    thanks again.
    01-23-11 09:20 PM
  5. robsss's Avatar
    If you installed LifeInPocket using our app loader "dlip", the loader will auto-start to download LifeInPocket. The loader's icon is yellow which you can delete it.

    LifeInPocket (red icon) won't auto-start.

    LifeInPocket can run for days with one battery charge if you donít use navigation. GPS navigation requires huge powers by nature but it still lasts 3 times longer than many expensive navigation apps. Many Navigation apps can only last less than 2 hours for each battery charge.

    Always exit Google/BlackBerry Maps (not close) after open them from LifeInPocket because they drain battery quickly.

    If you exit Google Maps then it won't be running anymore. Close Google Maps will push it to background and Google Maps will keep actively scanning for GPS satellite, connect to network which probably will drain your battery in hours.

    Media players also drains power quickly so don't play video if you don't have a charger with you.
    02-07-11 12:17 PM