1. RachB01's Avatar
    Hey there!

    I currently own a Blackberry Torch (it's my first blackberry). Anyhow, even though my call/message volume is set to the highest level, everytime I get a message or call I can never hear it!! Are there any apps that will make the volume higher? or some settings? It isn't just my phone, my partner has the same phone too, same problem.

    Thank you for any help.
    11-20-10 03:11 PM
  2. homer1475's Avatar
    That's just the way the volume is. I agree it could be louder, but it should be plenty loud enough to hear. There is no third party app that increases the volume to my knowledge.
    11-20-10 04:19 PM
  3. rain3man's Avatar
    I love my Tourch. Howeve, I hope RIM can come with something for ear volume. It is just not loud enough to deal with background noise.

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    11-21-10 11:04 AM
  4. SlcCorrado's Avatar
    Try updating your os. My volume is fine.

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    11-21-10 11:08 AM
  5. Dr. Zoidberg's Avatar
    My volume is fine.
    That's exactly what my IT department said when I complained about the call volume on my 9800. Of course, they tested the phone in an office environment. In those conditions, I agree it's fine.

    Once you step outside in the street, all the competing noise drowns-out the call because the volume in unacceptably low.

    The issue was clearly overlooked by RIM. There is a reason why the 9700 volume is twice as powerful: PEOPLE USE THEIR PHONES ON THE STREET! [sorry for the shouting, but it's noisy out here].
    11-21-10 12:12 PM
  6. walgarin's Avatar
    I just got mine for work and also the vol is so low...I work in a data center and I can not hear it not even with Jaw Bone..... has anyone found a fix for this
    11-21-10 05:59 PM
  7. homer1475's Avatar
    Volume has been declining on berries since OS5.0.something on my curve. The only reason I ever bought a berry to begin with was the handset volume.

    With that being said, I would say my torches volume is right on par with my curve. No where near as loud as the bold though.

    I work in a very noisy environment, and my jawbone icon works perfectly and I can hear it just fine. I actually turn the volume down for the jawbone. Inside or out I think the volume is perfect.
    11-21-10 06:14 PM
  8. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    I must be the only one on Earth who has a 9800 with really good volume.
    It is slightly louder than the 9700 and way louder than the 8900 an 9000. I have
    yet to find an environment (city street, night club, car with radio blasting, in the
    basement of my house while the phone is upstairs, etc...) that I cannot hear it ring.
    11-21-10 06:24 PM
  9. mark_rivers19's Avatar
    ^ you are not alone..
    my Torch has a pretty loud volume as well..
    everyone is gunning for the phone..
    let's look at the sound source/ ring tone that you guys are trying to use.

    has anyone here ever changed the ringtone first and see what's the outcome.
    i made my own ringtone.. and it works pretty well.. and loud at 8..
    the only time i can't hear the phone is when we're engaged.. ( weapons firing!)
    11-21-10 07:57 PM
  10. ShoshiOne's Avatar
    ^ I agree with you. The ringtone you choose can make a big difference. I've tried different ones on the phone, from my music files, etc. to make sure I pick one that will be louder.

    I must admit that it can be hard to hear people on the phone if there is noise outside, but it could also be their end of the connection since it's not always like that.
    11-21-10 08:11 PM
  11. prashkul's Avatar
    I understand the ringtone (along with volume level) plays a part.

    How to better the call volume? Even at 100%, I find it inadequate at times.
    11-21-10 08:55 PM
  12. N2Shift's Avatar
    It's odd that the call volume on the earpiece and speaker are so low. Especially considering that music plays much louder, so it's obvious that the speakers can keep up...

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    11-22-10 01:33 PM