10-18-10 12:46 AM
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  1. jcp007's Avatar
    Use the Search feature in the 9800 forum.

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    10-10-10 11:43 AM
  2. Pilot Prop's Avatar
    Everything is working fine for me...no BIS issues...I'm happy with this release...
    10-10-10 12:31 PM
  3. geocd's Avatar
    Use the Search feature in the 9800 forum.

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    Was you response meant for me? You may not have noticed, but I mentioned that I searched for an answer before posting. There are a number of posts that speak about 246 and occasionally 214 is mentioned. However, those posts do not cover my question. Do you actually have ANY input or just this typical "nothing better to do but post an intuitively obvious instruction"? My bet is no.

    Anyone else with actual information?

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    10-10-10 12:47 PM
  4. stud_muffler's Avatar
    I have updated my wife's Torch yesterday using DM and it crashed 3 times since.
    Wife is pissed... ;-(
    Should I try reinstalling?
    Did you do a few battery pulls after upgrading? If not, that might have caused the crashes.

    If it keeps happening though you should definitely reinstall. Mine has not crashed once in 3+ weeks on .246.
    battery pull didn't work, it died completely an hour ago. Planning to exchange for different hardware.
    10-13-10 08:06 PM
  5. sleepngbear's Avatar
    I have searched for this, but cannot find it. What advantage does 246 have over 214? Other than the occassional BIS drop from WiFi, I do not have any issues with 214. Thus, I am inclined to stay put for now. Currently been running for 205 hrs without a battery pull/reboot and going strong!

    Any input would be great!


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    I upgraded from 141 to 225, and then to 246. Big differences from 141 to 225, lots of bugs fixed and generally made the phone quicker and smoother. From 225 to 246, it feels slightly more responsive, but no drastic changes that I can see. I've had no battery issues ... I get a good 12 hours on a heavy-usage day, and I haven't run it dry yet. Neither have I seen any dropped BIS or other WiFi issues. I get an occasional clock playing some games, but seems like they're fewer and shorter than with 141. I have not had to do a battery pull since the last upgrade. I did do one, just because it's been strongly suggested by a few members here after upgrading, but I never felt like it needed it. I haven't had any crashes or other need for a battery pull.

    You may not see any huge differences from 214, but I'd say it can't hurt to get up to the current OS. I was hesitant as well until AT&T officially released it, especially as good as it was running on 225. But no regrets whatsoever ... it (and I) is happy as a clam with 246.
    10-13-10 08:44 PM
  6. tediprude's Avatar
    When I upgraded to the AT&T oficial OS - I noticed a couple of things that I handn't noticed before.

    1. AutoText (in Options) turned into "Word Substitutions"

    2. There is a curious "Avatar" folder in the Media Pictures folder that only shows
    up when you are using BlackBerry Messenger and Contacts.

    3. That really crappy "tinnie" sound from the speaker is cleared up a bit. (Still
    won't hold a candle to the sound on my Bold 9000 though - *sighs*)

    4. Everything is a bit faster and crisper (if you know what I mean) then with the
    .141 build.

    5. Even the device boot-up time is less on the .246 build.

    Ok guys...Just waiting for the next good OS build. Or even OS7. Smiles!

    10-18-10 12:46 AM
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