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    Now that the torch was reduced to $99, I was trying to get an early upgrade but they told me their policy has changed and the early upgrade is now 200 + the 2 year price. This seems really pricey considering my ETF is only $120 so in theory I could cancel and order one off amazon for a total cost of 120 + activation. Curious if anyone has had any early upgrade success stories or advice on how to get the upgrade as cheap as possible.

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    11-07-10 05:55 PM
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    If you DO cancel and restart your contract, your ETF will increase. I don't have any advice about the upgrade as I just paid 200 for it but keep that in mind.

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    11-07-10 06:11 PM
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    You also might want to consider that if you were grandfathered into the unlimited plan that you would lose that with a new line.

    Ask for a secured upgrade. It is usually $50 + 2 yr contract price. The $50 part might be higher depending upon how close to the actual upgrade date. You might also want to factor the ETF on your current line into your calculations. When I went in to discuss upgrade options, the secured upgrade was mentioned as an option. Fortunately, my wife has a i3Gs so I used her upgrade opportunity to get the Torch. In May, I was able to get a secured upgrade for my son whose actual upgrade opportunity was in Jan 2011 for $50 + 2yr contract price. It also extended the contract another 2 years.
    11-07-10 08:18 PM