1. lkblitzs's Avatar
    How do I do it? I switched from an iphone to the torch..and I'm used to being able to do everything on the computer! I have a mac, and I've been told I can't download or update my phone using my computer, so I'm clueless. I love the torch, but I just don't know how to do any of these updates or anything. Please help!
    10-09-10 04:19 PM
  2. sleepngbear's Avatar
    Now that .246 is officially released, you should be able to upgrade using Desktop Manager. There's a Mac version available at the BlackBerry download page here. Once you install it, it will automatically open when you connect the Torch. It should open a popup telling you that an update is available. If it does not, click the Applications button (upper right corner), and then click the Check for Updates button.

    I haven't tried it yet with this phone because I had already installed the leaked version from a PC laptop. But I've seen from other Mac users here that it does work with an officially released OS.

    Good luck, and hope this helps ...
    10-09-10 04:55 PM
  3. spladdock's Avatar
    is it the same with the pc or is it mac only at the moment? or you sayin there is a pc version and a mac too i might have misunderstood
    10-09-10 06:12 PM
  4. farmurr's Avatar
    I have an at&t unlocked torch on Rogers (bought it in the US) currently running v6.0.0.141. Do I have anything to worry about installing the desktop software and updating to .246? Could I lose any information/could it become unlocked etc?

    (Also, do I need to even update? What does the newest version even have vs .141)

    10-09-10 08:05 PM
  5. crester's Avatar
    I am using an AT&T phone on the Rogers network... and YES!!! UPGRADE THE OS!!!!

    The phone runs slicker... I don't have that delay when swiping the menu anymore... the virtual keyboard is easier to use... the web browser is upgraded... etc.

    There are useful improvements!

    But I didn't download the Rogers one. I just plugged my phone into desktop manager and it automatically upgraded the phone.
    10-09-10 08:44 PM
  6. PeNZ's Avatar
    You can also do it ota from your phone. Type in software updates in the universal search and run it.

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    10-10-10 12:07 AM
  7. farmurr's Avatar
    did the upgrade via desktop manager. Got the 507 error for a second, but I just let it keep installing and everything went smoothly! I don't notice too much of a difference vs .141 except the menus swipe a little faster. Thanks for the help crester!
    10-10-10 02:46 AM
  8. PHughes's Avatar
    You can update via DM for Mac. Plug the phone into the computer. Once DM opens and the phone is connected to the DM, click on "Applications." It will go out to see if there are any updates for your phone. Follow the onscreen instructions. It may find the update before you even click on "Applications"
    10-10-10 12:47 PM
  9. 13echo4's Avatar
    I updated to .246 today. I can say this already the progessive typing is turned on and I hate it. How do I turn it off? The txt window in this on screen keyboard is alittle screwy. Over all the update is aight. It was the easiest I've ever updated. I downloaded the update and original Os. I didn't even install it. I made] backup and then DM asked me if I wanted to update. I let it. I let it back again also. Pretty cool I thought. I had no troubles. Took about 20 minutes. I've already did 5 batt pulls. I read someone say they had 90 second boot times.I don't mine is more around 3-3 1/2 minutes. Any body else getting faster times?

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    10-11-10 09:01 PM
  10. jcp007's Avatar
    Options/Tying and Input...

    2 minute boot time..AT&T OS .246
    10-11-10 09:26 PM