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    People ! Updates don't like me !

    I had a 9000, running on 4.6, and since I wanted 5.0 and it never wanted to leak, I switched to 9700. (5.0 got available 2 months later -.-)

    I had a 9700 for 4 months, and in 4 months I had no update, as soon as I gave it to my sister, my carrier leaked the .8xx instead of the .4xx .

    While having the bold, I was looking in torch's forum and noticed that u guys had an update each week. So I bought a torch, and 3 weeks later, no update yet

    I'm sorry for u guys, I'm bad luck with updates hehehe and I guess I'll have to leave the torch so u can upgrade versions ahahahah.

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    10-16-10 06:35 PM