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    Weeks ago, my Torch started making sound alerts for e-mails when the Torch is in the holster and it is powered OFF! Yes, when the Torch is completely turned off!

    (This is my second post on this issue. Maybe now that the Torch has been around longer, someone else can share a similar experience and, hopefully, a solution).

    Sound alerts for e-mails are programmed to occur, both in and out of holster, but I do not expect the sound alerts to occur when the Torch is turned off.

    Before going to bed, I fully charge the Torch and power it completely OFF.

    When I power up the Torch in the morning, often there are e-mails already waiting. And the battery will be at around 96%, even though it was charged to 100% before it was powered down. In short, the Torch seems to be hibernating even when it's turned completely off!

    I have had three previous BB's, and never experienced this behavior.

    Have you experienced this (unusual) behavior?

    Solution? (Other than turning off e-mail sound alerts)
    10-26-10 11:05 PM