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    Hi people, hoping that someone may be able to help me here, got an irate daughter with a problem with her new torch...
    The torch was purchased from vodafone, and then sim unlocked so she could use her current 3 sim.
    Each time she tries to access anything via mobile internet it bangs up some message about contacting service provider to update browser settings (or something very similar).
    I have entered 3's apn details, and also attempted to double check these with 3 customer services! yeah right. - Anyway still no luck, a little look around this site and I'm being bombarded with things like "service books" and the like, and getting really confused
    After speaking with her boyfriend, the phone hadn't been connected/registered to the net.
    Really hoping someone maybe able to explain and or help me out here!!
    thanks in advance for any help
    07-03-11 03:25 PM
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    Hi there. Hopefully might be able to help you out a bit, and what I can't manage others here will be able to I'm sure.

    Firstly, I'm assuming you've got a BIS plan (BB tariff) with 3?

    To register the handheld go to Options, Device, Advanced System Settings, Host Routing Table.....then click the BB/Menu button and select 'Register Now'.

    You should get an email saying that the handset has been registered with the network.

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    07-03-11 03:44 PM
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    many thx genusrebus for the prompt reply, When I rang 3 earlier to tell them that she now had a torch, I said that she wasnt worried about features as such, just needed mobile net access to which they said nothing about me having a BB plan??? Is this needed? atm she just has a standard sim with mins/txts and data allowance.
    I did however follow ur instructions, but as far as I know there is no email address setup on this phone, but it did say message sent when I selected to register now...
    07-03-11 04:37 PM
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    No problem Jay, happy to try and help you out.

    In my opinion, a BlackBerry without BB data is pretty pointless!
    Your service books for data connectivity are necessary for internet connection, email, BBM!, contacts/calendar syncing, maps, etc etc.

    There may be a very long-winded hack/way around things, but you'd have to manually modify the configuration files to work without BIS.
    At this point any internet access over GPRS on a non-smartphone tariff would result in pretty hefty data charges I'd imagine.

    As an example, I pay O2 just an additional5 per month for my BB bolt-on, and get up to 3GB of data included (which is huge).
    I know 3 will offer something similar.

    Just give customer services a call in Mumbai (or wherever) and add a BB bolt-on to her tariff, its most definitely worth it.
    If she can't afford the fiver every month, at least you get your car washed eh?!

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    07-04-11 01:51 AM
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    hi again, so, am I right in thinking, by getting a bb addon i will then be able to get the service book?
    as for data plans, she does already have a 2g allowance
    again, ty for any help
    07-06-11 01:28 PM
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    oh thats great, I was thinking of them as any other smartphone - put sim in and away ya go!!!
    many thanks to both of you for your help
    07-06-11 03:04 PM