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    Okay I got a BB torch 9800 that was att I paid to get it unlocked but I was having trouble setting up my email I called tmo they checked to see that my phone was config with the BB network so they did somthing not to sure what but I had to log on to tmo site and configure my email threw there and it worked!! I just had to reset my password

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    12-27-10 02:57 PM
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    You setup your email on T-MO's bis(Blackberry Internet Service) site. They probably had you resend the service books also.

    You should bookmark this site, if you ever have email issue's again this is where you would go to resolve them.
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    12-27-10 03:02 PM
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    Yes you had the right data plan so it will register on the network np.
    12-27-10 09:02 PM