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    I have looked around the topics and none really cover what I am trying to do.

    Here goes,

    I have a user who purchased a Torch 9800. With Rogers and data plan BIS. I have installed on a a server, the BES Express and they are working fine.

    Got the Torch unlocked.

    This user is now in South Carolina,
    went to T-Mobile and purchased a pre-paid SIM card and installed it.
    The phone works but not the data. I at first thought it had to be re-synced with our BES Express through the Desktop Manager like I did to setup up the Torch in the first place.
    But if the user can't even browse the internet than this point becomes moot.

    What needs to be done to get the data working on his Torch?

    Thanks in advance
    01-18-11 09:56 AM
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    you need to have a BB data plan with your new sim card / provider in order to use most functions of blackberrys
    01-18-11 10:27 AM
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    The data plan needs to have BIS as well.
    01-18-11 10:40 AM
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    It is a pre-paid blackberry data plan from T-Mobile

    The user just inserted the sim card and only the phone works. I have asked the user to call T-Mobile to confirm it is a data plan that he got and it is.
    01-18-11 11:08 AM
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    In put APN settings, and do a register now in options-device-advanced,host routing table. Set the phone to 2G in manage connections as well. You will not be able to use 3G on it.
    01-18-11 04:06 PM
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    Also in the "While Roaming" option, you should have "On" selected. You won't be charged for roaming its just to enable you to use sim cards other than the Original carrier, in this case Rogers.

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    01-18-11 04:47 PM
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    I had the user go into the host routing table and there are no entries in there. The user changed the mobile connections to 2g. Tried register now. Does this take a while? While roaming option is set to on.

    He is still not have to browse the internet. The user tells me that up in the left hand corner it says T-Mobile lower case edge.
    01-19-11 08:56 AM
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    The user was able to connect to a wifi connection and it works. They can browse the internet but still the t-mobile access is not.
    01-19-11 09:13 AM
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    I just unlocked my Bell Torch and got a T-Mobile prepaid card. Phone and SMS worked (limited to EDGE speeds). I was not able to figure out the data. Apparently I could get a 24 hour data pass as part of my prepaid plan for $1.49 but I was unable to activate it. Fortunatly I had WIFI to browse and check email.

    Second trip using T-Mobile was moderatly uneventful. I found out my minutes from my last trip were voided/expired, when I asked the T-Mobile customer service rep he said it would be possible to reinstate my expired credit but only after I topped up my account. Guess what happend after I topped up my account, I was tranfered to another rep who promply told me that my old credit was unretrivable. I Still have not figured out how to get data working without setting up a monthly prepaid billing plan. I wasn't able to get an Even More Plus Plan prepaid plan.
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    01-23-11 11:43 AM
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    On TMobile, the Even More Plus Plan provides BlackBerry Data on prepaid.

    A regular pre-paid card will not have BlackBerry data.
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    01-23-11 11:48 AM