1. milldawg's Avatar
    Should the universal search from the home screen also search the body of email messages? I am able to search and find a word that appears in the body of an SMS message, but not in the body of an email message. I am, however, able to search and find words in the to/from or subject lines of emails, just not the body of the email message. This may be by design, but I wanted to make sure I'm not missing anything.
    09-09-10 11:13 PM
  2. kthorsen's Avatar
    Don't think you can I think that leaves too much for your phone to index leaving it in lag city for 3 hours after you boot it
    09-10-10 01:07 AM
  3. NF64's Avatar
    does the same hold for pdf files stored on a memory card? ie. it can't search within them for text?
    09-13-10 03:55 AM