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    Help?! I have this annoying Uncaught Exception: ApplicationRegistry.getOrWait For (0x7017obe9d2fc292) owner died Thread[Thread-443582464,5)

    The phone seems to work fine. But It's just very annoying to keep on seeing the message after each reboot.

    I have done the following to resolve the issue but none works:
    1. Uninstalled all of the 3rd party app that I downloaded from the App World, then rebooted the Torch (Error showed up)
    2. Re-installed some of the 3rd party app then rebooted the Torch (Error showed up)
    3. Put all application permission into its default setting then reboted the Torch (Error showed up)
    4. Wipe the OS with BBSK, and reload the software again with apploader (3 times). Each time I restore less and less app, with the 3rd time, I only reinstall 1 app (superheroes alliance) and redownload one app (google map). Error showed up after 2nd or 3rd re-boot after each try.

    I can't think of any other solution. Does anyone have any working solution that I can try?

    01-10-11 02:02 AM
  2. gbsn's Avatar
    its because the owner died

    Uninstall OS from computer. Remove leftover folders from loader files. Download, yes download OS and install it all over again. Wipe and install without any third party apps at all, not even facebook and dont restore data from a backup. Do a few resets and check.
    01-10-11 03:33 AM
  3. supaberry's Avatar
    lol. the owner came back to life.
    I did almost exactly as told.
    I backed up only select data (phone book, sms messages, and bbm), then i wiped the OS, re-installed the OS again (i didn't uninstall it from the comp as the problem happened before the 337). I turned the phone off and on few times before I restored the select data i backed up.
    Phone works. I have turned it off and on for almost 10 times and so far no error message has came up (crossing my fingers).
    Thanks GBSN.
    01-11-11 03:32 PM