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    Back on os5 on the 9700 it was quite simple but im having difficulty deleting an email account on my 9800.

    Ive gone through setup>email accounts>delete and deleted that certain email but it still shows up.

    it says i have 4 accounts, but when opened it only shows three, the home screen still shows 4 accounts and i still receive emails and it still shows up in my calendar. Ive already done multiple battery pulls and messed around with pretty much everything i could think of...help please!
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    01-05-11 06:56 AM
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    Try doing it from the blackberry internet site...

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    01-05-11 07:10 AM
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    what do you mean?
    01-05-11 07:16 AM
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    Your carriers BIS site using a PC. They are all listed in the How To section within the 101 lectures or how to send service books threads...

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    01-05-11 07:21 AM
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    d***.. well ill give that a shot later today when im near my pc lol thanks
    01-05-11 07:28 AM
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    show you background first then i will help.... JK...

    use universal search and search for service books, just delete them all and then do a battery pull. after the pull your arrows may flash for a few minutes and icons appear and disappear. once you can use the phone resend the service books from the in phone email setup.

    if this fails try re-adding the email account and then deleting it again. if that fails try the computer
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    01-05-11 10:48 AM
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    Lol ill post my wallpaper and a few others of her when I get home to my pc, and ill give your first two idears a shot now and let ya know how it goes!

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    01-05-11 11:29 AM
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    Well ill be a monkeys uncle...deleting the service books themselves solved the issue! Thanks man
    01-05-11 11:36 AM
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    here ya go chinox, enjoy

    and if you want, her name is Veronica Gomez...
    01-05-11 01:24 PM
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    glad its working now. i guess i will have to wait till i get home from work to make those a bit bigger
    01-05-11 02:01 PM