1. habsfan170's Avatar
    Got a Torch 3 days ago. It's fantastic - overall I'm 95% satisfied with the phone. I find it can do way more, and better things than an iPhone (not to mention the form factor is better), but just not to the same level of performance and speed.

    Interesting typing concern - I find the on-screen keyboard to be very responsive, and given some practice, you can type pretty well on it (although sometimes the predictive text is annoying, yet for accuracy's sake at other times, it's helpful). When I am typing on the physical keyboard though, there is some lag to when the letters actually appear on the screen - and if I go really fast, I can be typing words that haven't shown up yet for a split second. It's a minor thing, but just wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same.

    FYI - I'm running the latest OS, .284
    11-03-10 02:04 PM
  2. shansmi's Avatar
    adust the keyboard repeat sensitivity....

    what apps are running in the background?
    11-03-10 02:07 PM
  3. habsfan170's Avatar
    No apps running in the background, other than standard.
    what do you mean by 'keyboard repeat sensitivity'? Under Typing and Input > Keyboard, do you mean Key Rate?
    11-03-10 02:20 PM
  4. brava27's Avatar
    havent experienced this before. Maybe you are lighting quick like superman and the torch cannot keep up. I am fast, but not as fast as you are.
    11-03-10 02:25 PM
  5. shansmi's Avatar
    Lol brava and yes habsfan.

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    11-03-10 02:58 PM