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    I am trying to upgrade to .337 and it appears to have frozen while loading. It said that it could not install a driver, i clicked retry and it has been on the "connecting to boot rom" step for a while now. I am afraid to disconnect the phone. Any advice?

    I did the delete vender step and the other steps as per instructions.

    02-01-11 02:00 AM
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    Also i do not seem to have desktop manager on my computer, i just have "black berry desktop software". Dont know if this makes a difference
    02-01-11 02:05 AM
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    BlackBerry Desktop Manager and BlackBerry Desktop Software are 2 different things, the Desktop Manager is used to manage, backup, restore, sync your device.

    The BlackBerry Desktop Software is used to update the operating system of your BB.

    If you haven't backed up your BB manually using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager initially before attempting to do the update via loader, then you are out of luck with restoring your data / contacts / settings.

    You can wait a while but if it takes much longer, the only way to load the OS is to wipe your device using BBSAK, then when the device is wiped with the white screen indicating it has no OS, you need to load it again via loader.

    I would restart the computer before trying to run loader again.
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    02-01-11 02:14 AM
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    Ok i followed your advice. Luckily i had backed up everything. I got the white screen and installed .337. Now when my phone goes to reboot it only gets around 75% through the bar and then stalls. I am getting pretty stressed. I have tried pulling battery a few times but not working.

    Any ideas?
    02-01-11 02:45 AM
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    nm seems to have gotten it working when i started device manager. ty for help
    02-01-11 02:50 AM
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    Just so you know, .448 and .450 are both available to download.
    02-01-11 03:48 AM
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    nm seems to have gotten it working when i started device manager. ty for help
    Glad I could be of any assistance Mr. qetuoadg

    Should you require any further assistance or clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact us.
    02-01-11 04:11 AM