1. uddinf's Avatar
    Hey everyone..I'm new to BB phones so please go easy on me. Firstly, I really like the 9800 and was enjoying playing/learning the OS6 interface. But have a few questions:

    1-Whenever I swipe the trackpad with my finger upwards to move up 2-3 rows and then remove my finger, but the cursor keeps going upwards without any user input. It doesn't happen all the time but certain angle and pressure will cause it. I can replicate it about 60% of the time. I also tried different sensitivities and it still happens. It is especially annoying when trying type text and the cursor is moving up taking me out of the text field. Is this normal?

    2-Also, I jumped the gun a bit and bought two apps before really spending time with the phone (BeBuzz and Patternlock). If I exchange my phone to another 9800, do I have to do anything on the current phone to make sure I don't have to pay again? What is the proper way to migrate paid apps to another phone?

    3-I'm pretty sure I only used 20 minutes of talk time on my phone, but is there a way to display the total talk time/life timer?

    I really appreciate any help! Thanks!
    10-01-10 07:19 PM
  2. Nashstruck's Avatar
    If you purchased the apps thru appworld, just log in to appworld again on your new device and you can reinstall them. no cost if u paid for them already.
    10-01-10 07:34 PM