1. vistate1's Avatar
    So i have a question. An annoyance...and its not do or die...just work with it.

    So is it me? the SD card or my torch? my bets - its me and the sd card. My torch is perfect right?

    So yesterday - snapped 200 photos of my dog wrestling at the park. was awesome. got some great shots.

    connected my camera to the computer - wanted to do a media sync get some songs on my blackberry. After the sync (i did not eject the disk) i unplugged my BB.

    My BB says media card inserted would you like to format? Now is this normal that if i just d/c i screw it up? or is this a faulty card? I've never had to worry about this ever before on any of my other adapters/cameras ect. just this SD card in my torch. What gives?

    simple resolution..just eject -but i'm careless some times.
    10-12-10 01:48 PM
  2. rhaneyjr's Avatar
    when ever you disconnect without safely ejecting, you run the risk of damage/loss of data. Ive also noticed the larger the gig, the more touchy it becomes, I have a 16Gig and am waiting for my 32 gig to come. always safely dsiconnect
    10-14-10 02:47 PM
  3. papped's Avatar
    Did you buy the card off ebay/amazon?
    10-14-10 02:49 PM