1. berrygoodphone1's Avatar
    my touchscreen is going nuts, especially when i click on apps, sounds, or anything else on it.

    for example, while in email: when i press the delete icon, the compose icon pops up. or when i type a text, a whole bunch of letters pop up.

    this doesn't happen often, and when it does, a battery pull fixes it in the short term. it happens again within an hour or so.

    i wiped the device, re-installed the OS, but nothing. it still acts crazy.

    as a last result, i upgraded to .225, and so far the texting has a slight problem. a whole bunch of letters pop up, but when i delete them and type again, it works.

    i'm waiting for a replacement from the warranty, but has anyone else experienced this?
    09-19-10 06:03 PM
  2. Drayk's Avatar
    Mine is going wiggie too. A couple days ago, the menu buttons on the touch screen stopped working. Actually, the entire botton 1/4" doesn't work. Scrooling and swipping aren't working well, either.
    I can still nav pretty well with the track pad and menu key.
    I also have one on the way from warranty exchange.

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    09-19-10 08:25 PM
  3. berrygoodphone1's Avatar
    ok good, i'm "happy" someone else is experiencing this as well, because the at&t folks thought i was going crazy! lol

    i even upgraded to .225, but the issue did not stop. it usually comes back after an hour or so, right after i do a battery pull.

    yes, the track pad & physical keyboard work fine here as well.
    09-19-10 08:36 PM
  4. Drayk's Avatar
    As a last resort, I did a complete wipe w/bbsak and I still had the issue, even before restoring a back-up or apps.
    I'm cool, tho. Still love the Torch. I'll just get another one, do a device switch and send the defective one back.

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    09-19-10 08:43 PM
  5. berrygoodphone1's Avatar
    me too, also wiped it out, reinstalled .141, installed .225, and nothing. i also deleted all the apps (just in case there was an incompatible issue).
    09-19-10 08:49 PM