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    Hi I did a search on the forum and didn't find anybody else talking about this issue. Just see issue about people saying the screen freezing. My issue is that the phone touch screen will randomly scroll and hit buttons for me. Like I will hit keypad to dial a number but then the cursor will always move right on its own so I can't end up dialing a number. Or if I scroll through a screen, it keeps scroll a few more time on its own. So is this a setting I can adjust in the phone or did I get a lemon and should go back to exchange it?
    08-23-10 09:09 AM
  2. Thanontos's Avatar
    Check the options and go to "Typing and input" and select "Touchscreen sensitivity".

    Mine is set as follows by default:

    Tap interval: 400
    Hover Period: 300
    Swipe Sensitivity: (High) 6

    Try lowering the setting if it is too sensitive, same with the trackpad sensitivity if you are accidentally hitting it.

    I remember humidity cause **** with my storm touch screen and I would try to select something and it would select something else. I haven't encountered it yet on the torch, but keep that in mind too.

    If no settings seem to solve the problem, you may want to swap out for a different device as it MAY be a screen issue.
    08-23-10 09:14 AM
  3. kyleresq's Avatar
    I noticed this this morning. My screen didn't go into "sleep" mode and when I watched it the various applications were lighting up as if I was moving the trackpad or swiping on the screen. It was bizarre. I did a battery pull and it cleared up. Maybe the Torches are haunted!

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    08-23-10 04:31 PM
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    Direct sunlight on the trackpad can cause irratic behavior. My 9700 is bad with this issue. I can watch an entire webpage scroll by just by moving the phone in the sun.

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    08-23-10 04:51 PM
  5. kyleresq's Avatar
    I am going to go with "haunted" and start a new thread that says "My Torch is Haunted"

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    08-23-10 05:04 PM
  6. jigga79's Avatar
    I lowered my sensitivity settings and the phone still does it from time to time. did a battery pull and seems to clear it up for a bit but comes back again later. Sounds like I might have a lemon as it doesn't seem to be a common issue like the other known problem such as the audio echo.
    08-25-10 04:39 AM
  7. Shelley004's Avatar

    I have had the phone for 3 weeks now and have the same problem. Doesn't happen too often but when it does it's really annoying especially when I am using the Kindle app to read and the pages automatically get turned when I am no where near the screen.

    I got the phone with an upgrade, there is still time left to get it exchanged/returned. Might have to consider that option, otherwise loving the phone.
    09-10-10 09:14 PM
  8. shansmi's Avatar
    I have not seen this on 161 or any 200+ load. What OS is everyine running and what 3rd party apps complete with version numbers does everyone have?

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    09-10-10 10:55 PM
  9. jstarett's Avatar
    I am running .214 and have never had this issue... Course I changed my settings to:

    Tap Interval: 300
    Hover Period: 100
    Swipe Sensitivity: (High) 6

    These have been working great for me so far
    09-10-10 11:20 PM
  10. stayouttamalibu's Avatar
    This sounds like the problem I've been having since the beginning. My Torch will just randomly scroll to the left, sometimes only a few spaces but sometimes it just goes and goes. It seems to usually happen when I use the trackpad for something, so when I'm using it to position the cursor somewhere in a message, it then makes completing the message almost impossible. I updated to .214 a few days ago and it seemed to be gone for the first couple days, but now it's back again. It really, really sucks.
    09-11-10 01:31 PM
  11. big bb's Avatar
    I am also having the same problem it started the night i bought it, and it happens almost once a day usually in the evening
    11-18-10 09:46 AM
  12. BBIsTheBest's Avatar
    I had a similar issue with my first torch, and i got a replacement and never experienced it after that. sounds like a defective device, i recommend going for a replacement
    11-18-10 06:16 PM