1. Andy357's Avatar
    Thinking about trying Vlingo app. Any positive or negatives from fellow Torch users?

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    01-06-11 09:10 PM
  2. meske's Avatar
    I like it. I have the free version right now - for the last few weeks. Comes in handy. Haven't used the e-mail reading app yet... not sure if I will.

    I've contemplated getting the paid version, as once you have that, you can use it to speak into any app on your phone. For about $15-$20, not a bad deal. I'm really surprised the existing voice dial app on this is not integrated into more areas of the phone, though.

    Give it a shot.
    01-07-11 08:57 AM
  3. JasW's Avatar
    I have the paid version. It has a decidedly negative impact on battery life on the Torch, something the developer itself acknowledges. Search the subforum here for Vlingo, you'll see the thread on it.

    Other than that -- and the Torch's limited volume, which is not Vlingo's fault -- it's a terrific app, one I would wholeheartedly recommend. It's well worth it for the paid version to be able to use it for email, and to dump what you say into anyplace on the phone where you would normally type something. Also, it works well with Bluetooth.
    01-07-11 11:14 AM