1. NJFP's Avatar
    Not that I would ever condone such practice, <cough-cough> but does anyone think it's possible to jailbreak a Torch to run on VZW??
    01-23-11 01:47 PM
  2. BlackBerry Guy's Avatar
    Not possible - different network technologies.
    01-23-11 01:54 PM
  3. dictoresno's Avatar
    "jailbreak" is iphone lingo, please dont use it when referring to a BB.

    its been discussed a million times. Verizon is a CDMA carrier, AT&T is GSM. two incompatible network technologies. as stated, it cannot be done.
    01-23-11 08:01 PM
  4. jcp007's Avatar
    The possibility of being struck by lightning is greater than a CDMA Torch. If you want one, switch to AT&T to get full functionality or TMO for 2G.
    01-23-11 09:32 PM