1. DanielN24's Avatar
    So recently I was using my blackberry torch when I realized the little thing on the text messages that once was there is no longer there..

    Before whenever I would hit "Text Messages", on the bottom of the touch screen there would be four little things I could tap "Compose Message, Next Message, Previous Message & Delete". Now those buttons don't appear and if I want to compose a new message, or delete I have to hit the little button next to the trackpad (the button that almost looks like the Windows logo)..

    I want the old settings back, I don't know what happened or where it went but its not there anymore.. I've tried everything to get it back too.

    If I go to my "Messages" folder (which holds emails and myspace and facebook), its the correct way with the buttons on the screen but its not on the "Text Messages" screen...

    Any help?
    11-27-10 03:52 PM
  2. yofern's Avatar
    1. have you tried a battery pull?

    2. if that doesnt solve it, you might want to try connecting it to the software on your computer. reload it on the device.

    3. as your very last resort, do a wipe. itll restore the factory settings.

    4. if that doesnt work, id take it back to att.
    11-27-10 04:24 PM