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    Hey everyone! I just wanted to post my thoughts of this device after putting full heavy use to it after almost 2 weeks. I've always been a serious berry user with almost hundreds of emails being sent and received per day, running on BES v4.1. The 9700 that I was using was an absolute work horse with no problems multi-tasking, even with the OS6 leak being used. Now that I'm on the Torch, with the large screen and the added input method (touch screen), I can say that it has increased my speed when doing things. When the device first was released, I tested it for 2 days. I did not like it at all so I went back to my trusty 9700. I then received this one and decided to give it a good run.

    At first, the device did seem bulky and heavy. Having much experience with the Storm 1 and Storm 2, I didn't think it would be an ideal device for me. For those of you who are hesitant to getting it, please give it a full test run for 2 weeks minimum. Below are some of my Pros and Cons.

    -Large Screen
    -Two keyboards (virtual sometimes makes it faster, other times physical keyboard is best)
    -Touchscreen and Trackpad!
    -Camera is sharp!
    -OS very responsive along with Touchscreen response
    -Solid hardware build, feels good in the hands
    -Media management in OS6 is nice
    -Accelerometer is accurate and very responsive
    -Social Feeds Apps is great! I love having my RSS feeds integrated
    -The Tap n Hold feature on the Touch Screen and Track Pad is very convenient!
    -Call Quality is great

    -Screen Resolution could be improved when viewing web images
    -Sound is a bit on the low side compared to other BBs
    -Battery is ok but not as good as the 97xx series
    -OS can sometimes do funky things resulting in a reboot, but thats all BBs from my experience. I usually use (alt - caps - del)...no biggie
    -When doing media and data functions simultaneously, I sometimes get the hourglass. I would blame this on processor.
    -Bluetooth has been a bit flaky while streaming music, I'm sure an OS update will continue to improve it.
    -Browser could use some updates but it gets the job done. The web experience is definitely much nicer than on OS5

    Apps I recommend having
    -Add to Calendar
    -Google Maps
    -Google Voice
    -Frontpoint Security App

    Overall, I love this Torch. It really is a great device. I use it both for business and fun. For the beginners, I don't recommend it. But for experienced BB users, it's the way to go.

    Have a Merry Christmas my fellow Crackberry-ers. I hope to see more Torch users on here after xmas.

    See ya!
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    12-24-10 01:27 PM
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    greystealth - I'm glad you had a chance to use it for a bit longer and get a better feel for it. Every device has it's pros and cons...and everyone has their own opinions and uses that sway their decisions.
    I'm glad to see that the Torch seems to work out well for you! I'm sure we'll see more after the holidays.

    Just to address 2 issues that seem to keep popping up -- The battery issue has been mentioned many times before on this site. I can get about 2 days out of mine if needs be and I can be a very heavy user. (This is only if I forget to plug it in at night because, really, who needs to use it -unplugged- while sleeping.) Also, you also need to take into account that the battery is powering a much bigger screen than the usual bbs. **I know not everyone can get this kind of battery life though.

    As for the keyboard, you also have to keep in mind that you have a full screen and it's a slider. It's still a very nice keyboard. The keys may not have as much room or as raised as people may like....but sometimes you have to give a little if you want to get.
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    12-24-10 02:54 PM
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    I completely agree with the pros/cons! I still await the day when there aren't ANY cons....*eyes glazing over*
    12-24-10 02:59 PM
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    For the beginners, I don't recommend it. But for experienced BB users, it's the way to go.

    I enjoyed reading your review. However, I have to disagree with the above quote.

    I got my Torch back in October. It was my very first smartphone ever..my very first BB ever. I was a total newbie to the smartphone and BB world. I have no problems with learning and using my Torch. It has been great fun and I LOVE my Torch. I am able to do all kinds of things with my BB and I would recommend it to ANYONE who wants an awesome phone!
    12-24-10 03:03 PM
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    Mama2Many - That's so great!! I've been on two smartphones before my Torch (one a bb) and I still have learning to do. And I must say, I can be stubborn and then there are problems!
    So it's nice to see you jumping in and loving your Torch...and telling about it!
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    12-24-10 03:13 PM
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    Great mini review w/ pros and cons. I agree with everything you've stated. It is a great device. I'm enjoying my Torch as well just feels like the build quality and the specs could have been slightly improved especially the screen resolution
    12-24-10 04:24 PM
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    Just got the Torch as a Christmas gift. I must say so far the phone is great. The keyboard is great, and with the latest official patch, the virtual keyboard is decent too. I read mixed reviews some love it, some hate it. If you are comparing it to an iphone, it's kinda silly. Apple obviously has the best apps, it's more widely supported. But look at the core of the phone, texting, calls, email, interface, etc. I'm a computer technician and I had the iphone, it didn't quite get the job done for me. I found myself playing games and downloading pointless apps, it didn't get work done. The Blackberry does, having a physical keyboard makes life so much better. However, I won't say the phone is perfect, obviously it could have used a slightly better processor, but if you're smart and close all of your applications when you are done, it runs fine. And sliding could be easier :-)

    Merry Christmas.
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    12-24-10 10:02 PM
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    Torch is always good :d

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    12-24-10 10:47 PM
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    Well said. Perfect device for getting the job done.

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    12-25-10 02:08 AM
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    i love mine especially after the slate theme and the seidio surface case...
    12-25-10 09:46 AM
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    Torch rocks-'nuff said!
    12-25-10 09:49 AM
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    Yes, love my 9800...it is a solid device and best BB to date, I think. Last phone was an 8530 so the 9800 is like a super-computer to me lol. Battery life has been great for me and I am a moderate user.
    12-25-10 11:20 AM
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    Glad you like it and I also agree on the pros and cons

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    12-25-10 08:58 PM