1. lezmct's Avatar
    I have just bought a Blackberry Torch which came from the US on the AT&T network it has been unlocked in the UK before I bought it, everything works OK except the GPS does not appear to work and it does not appear to pick up 3G signal! Is this because its meant for the US or am I missing something?
    I have had many BBs so I don't think its me, help please?

    10-03-10 04:53 AM
  2. Johnly's Avatar
    Cmon' crackberry's help lez...or she will find android and we will take real good care of her....
    10-03-10 05:25 AM
  3. mark-d's Avatar
    There are different bandings on mobile signal and dependant on what network you are intending on using the Torch on there's a pretty good possibility you won't be able to get 3G unfortunately.

    As for the GPS some networks seem to restrict certain aspects of the phone. If you're confident you could try installing an OS from a different network and see if that solves the GPS problem.
    10-03-10 09:10 AM