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    Is it only me or is the torch phone just a very sexy design? I especially like the metallic humpy curve at the bottom of the keyboard after you slide up! I just got the phone a month ago and this is one of those phones that gets better and more efficient over constant use. For example my battery was completely **** at the beginning but now it last a day and a half. On hibernate it lasts forever! Also the touch screen and internet surfing has gotten better over time too. Also damn is this phone durable or what? I have dropped it more times then I can remember on concrete, asphalt, marble etc. and it still maintains its sexy gloss and style albiet with a few scratches (screen remains scratch free though ) And wtf is up with the amazing reception and email service? My emails get sent to my BB faster then to my computer. Since I am a field engineer by trade, there is nothing more satisfying then being in some ditch in the middle of angola and being able to send and receive emails on the spot, makes me feel close to civilisation!

    This is one of those rare phones that seem timeless and I can seriosuly see myself using it for years to come no matter what other BBs come out in the future. Also please don't put a cover on the phone! it does not need protection at all, trust me, I work in the mining field and am constantly climbing mountains somewhere in Africa and my phone even though looks like its been through **** when I take it out of my pocket, after a nice clean with the BB napkin its as good as new.

    In short, this phone is rugged, efficient, conservative, smart, good looking and most importantly, a phone! Not a gizmo, game boy or app pimp! However from my experience, it needs to be given a time of a month or 2 before you start seeing all the potential.
    01-04-11 02:54 AM
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    I don't get it.
    01-04-11 02:58 AM
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    I like the phone
    01-04-11 03:02 AM
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    I also had pretty bad battery life, after a few days it doubled in battery life.

    I too think the Torch design is very appealing both closed and open. The metalic feel and weight to it is very nice and solid. I do have a case over it (case mate) it makes typing on the keypad easier for some reason and the added protection is nice.

    Its good to hear that the phone can take the abuse, since most people are worried about the slider failing over time.

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    01-04-11 03:43 AM
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    Wah! Rim should appoint u as their product embassador

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    01-04-11 07:12 AM
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    I don't get it

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    01-04-11 07:23 AM
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    I don't get it.
    That's understandable. The OP is sharing their passion for a device and using words, context, and a little humor.

    Torchnut, you could easily invest in an Invisible Shield or Ghost Armor and preserve the appearance of your Torch without detracting from its attractiveness. But, in the long run, a new housing might be just as attractive down the road. Enjoy your Torch!

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    01-04-11 08:35 AM
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    I do get it.i

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    01-04-11 08:36 AM
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    After a long time I liked the feel of a mobile phone while using it. The weight distribution, positioning of buttons were to my liking. The slide out keyboard is good when messages tend to get longer and the battery life is excellent ( I actually get a full 3 days) .

    TBH I held my mum's IP4 and it felt like I was holding a brick. The minimal curves and sharp edges were annoying while using her phone.

    Only complaint I have about the Blackberry torch is the build quality. Other phone companies absolutely smash the torch in that department. How is the build quality on the BB9780 ? any complaints so far ?
    01-04-11 01:03 PM