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    My new Torch locked up 3 to 4 times a day. Kepypad, screen, everything. I had to take the battery out and reboot. Since it was new, I took it back yesterday and got a replacement. Now the new new Torch is doing the same thing. Any fix for this before I am forced to go back to the Bold 9700? (And why doesn't at&t offer the 9780 yet?)
    01-05-11 05:27 AM
  2. escobar973's Avatar
    Have you tried doing a security wipe? Also format the media card and the built in media in Storage... How many apps do you have running? Press the Blackberry button for 2 seconds and close out what you're not using.

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    01-05-11 07:08 AM
  3. shansmi's Avatar
    Not just what apps are running but what apps are installed as well?

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    01-05-11 07:25 AM
  4. agirl65's Avatar
    I've only had my Torch a few days and have some problems with it locking up, but I just figured I need to update the os... ?
    01-05-11 09:01 AM
  5. escobar973's Avatar
    2 things I do occasionally is to go into "Storage" and repair each one. No data is lost. It's just out of habit.... I also have the "Memory Up" app which does a defrag for me... My device never really locked up but I did get the spinning clock thing, and after I formatted the card and device, I never really had that problem again... And I keep all my music and pictures stored on the card and not the device. I try to keep the device with as much memory as possible...
    01-05-11 09:35 AM
  6. aznlgcy's Avatar
    I would slowly uninstall each app and figure out which one is causing the issue. There is no way a 2 new Torch's would start freezing up unless there is an app doing it. There are quite a bit of apps out there that will either cause your BB to lag or even drain the battery a lot faster
    01-05-11 09:38 AM
  7. safebet1's Avatar
    Thanks to all. I called at&t help and they emailed me this fix. So far it seems to be working great.
    Install or Upgrade the RIM BlackBerry Handheld Software using BlackBerry Desktop Software 6.0

    Install, Upgrade, or Update BlackBerry Handheld Software Code using BlackBerry Desktop Software 6.0
    Installing, Upgrading, or Updating BlackBerry Handheld Software Code using BlackBerry Desktop Software 6.0
    Reload or Reloading BlackBerry Handheld Software Code using BlackBerry Desktop Software 6.0

    WARNING: Do not install BlackBerry Device Software that is older than the curent version installed on the BlackBerry device. Doing so could cause the BlackBerry device to malfunction.
    The following information applies to all BlackBerry Handheld Software versions using BlackBerry Desktop Software 6.0. To determine the BlackBerry Desktop Software version, click here.
    IMPORTANT: To avoid any possible service interruptions, RIM BlackBerry 7130c users with Handheld Software version or earlier are urged to upgrade their software as soon as possible.


    * IMPORTANT: Turn the wireless signal off from the RIM BlackBerry.Verify the PC is connected to the Internet.
    NOTE: Internet connection interruption may cause software update failure. A master reset may be required.

    Install the BlackBerry Handheld Software to the Device
    NOTE: The install process can take between 5 to 45 minutes to complete, do not disconnect the BlackBerry during this time.

    1. Access BlackBerry Desktop Software.
    2. Connect the RIM BlackBerry device to your computer.
    * If prompted, enter the device password and click OK.

    3. Select the desired choice:
    * To update the handheld software:
    1. Click Get update.
    NOTE: If a new handheld software is available, the application will automatically prompt the user with the following screen. If not, got to Device > Update my device....

    * To reload the current handheld software:
    1. Click View other versions.

    2. Click the checkbox for the "Currently installed" handheld software, and then click Install.

    4. Click Install update.

    5. Click Close.

    If the BlackBerry device is rendered inoperable during the upgrade process
    NOTE: It is normal for the hour glass to appear up to an hour. If the screen stays completely black after removing and reinserting the battery, the device handheld software may no longer function.

    Restore a RIM BlackBerry Device using the Command Line

    If you need additional assistance, get more help here.

    Application Setup: Some applications may require to be reconfigured after upgrading the handheld software.

    * Login to AT&T Navigator.
    NOTE: 4 digit PIN is typically the last 4 digits of your wireless phone number.
    * Login to BlackBerry Messenger.
    * Setup Visual Voicemail.
    * Login to Mobile IM.
    * Login to social applications. If using Facebook, MySpace, or other social applications, you may be required to login before you will receive new notifications.
    * Login to third party applications.
    01-08-11 07:21 AM