1. Gee B's Avatar

    So the Torch is just out in France and I'm eventually considering it.
    I was wondering though what you thought about the keyboard (haven't have time t see it in real).
    I used to have the BlackBerry bold. Is it as good ?
    Do you get use to the slider form factor ? it seems to me that once the keyboard is slided it looks pretty hard to enter text. How was your experience ?
    10-10-10 04:20 PM
  2. TLS2000's Avatar
    It took me a few days to get used to the slightly smaller form factor, but I can type on my Torch keyboard as fast as I could type on my Bold 9000 keyboard.
    10-10-10 04:23 PM
  3. ShoshiOne's Avatar
    I had a Curve 8300 before so getting used to the Torch's keyboard took a few days also. Now I'm using it without any problems. It's just needing to retrain your fingers a tad.
    10-10-10 04:46 PM
  4. Fr3lncr's Avatar
    Coming from a 9700, the keyboard was pretty nice... a little more recessed but still nice to type on. The virtual keyboard was another story...

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    10-10-10 06:53 PM
  5. DawgMan's Avatar
    I have had the Torch for about a month now and still have a lot of trouble using the virtual keyboard. Coming from the 9700 the physical keyboard only took a few days to adjust too. I'm not sure if its just me or if others have the same difficulty using the virtual keyboard.

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    10-10-10 07:53 PM
  6. Redzebra's Avatar
    I've had the device for a few weeks now and I've used the physical keyboard 20 times or so. The virtual keyboard in my opinion is phenomenal

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    10-10-10 08:22 PM
  7. jasonvw's Avatar
    I love the keyboard on the Torch. Think its even better than the 9700's which I loved to death. Its definetely more clicky. Theres enough room on the bottom and top so your thumbs never hit the case. Really good keyboard. Has enough travel as well when you click.

    The on screen keyboard is also very good, especially the horizontal one. The word correction/prediction is amazing. Its second to none. Guess it should be expected since RIM has been doing this with the suretype keyboards like the pearls. Ive used every keyboard available for android, and none come close to it. Swype Id say is the closest.
    10-10-10 08:49 PM
  8. sleepngbear's Avatar
    Not quite as good as the 9000's keyboard, but still very usable. I still find myself fat-fingering a lot more on this one than on the 9000, although less and less over time. It just takes a little getting used to. It was one of the biggest selling points for me, and it's living up to my expectations.
    10-10-10 08:55 PM
  9. mark_rivers19's Avatar
    i like the keyboards.. i never really use thte virtual one although i have 3 options for the virtual keyboard.. the only time i use that is when i'm using the phone and i use the virtual one for notes/calls
    10-10-10 08:57 PM
  10. jcp007's Avatar
    The physical keyboard is more solid than my 9000 or my 9700. Whether virtual or physical, the combination with the trackpad and touchscreen enhance the overall use and experience.
    10-10-10 11:11 PM
  11. DD1968's Avatar
    The keybaord is great... Came from a 9700 myself and found it no problem to make the switch. Don't like the virtual keyboard much buts as has been said, the overall combo of the touch screen and the reaal keyboard/trackpad is great.

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    10-11-10 01:32 AM
  12. Gee B's Avatar
    wow ok thanks for getting back to me I really appreciate. So far it seems rather positive. i guess i'll stop by a store to test it out. I might even become a Crackberry again tonite
    10-11-10 05:54 AM
  13. IchigoMochi's Avatar
    It didn't take me very long to adjust. Only a matter of hours of light use to adjust from the 9000. It's smaller so it isn't as friendly with big hands, but if you really want it and the thinness is a problem a case can alleviate that problem. After using the Otterbox case for a while I find that now I'm able to type things quickly with or without it on.
    10-11-10 06:34 AM
  14. acmartinz's Avatar
    coming form curve 8900, so for me it's not very different.. i can type comfortably after one-two hours of use..
    however i can imagine if someone switched from bold 9000 then it will take longer to adjust... overall imo i can say that torch keypad is alright, not too small and feels sturdy, clicks nicely as well..
    10-11-10 06:54 AM
  15. homer1475's Avatar
    Have had my torch for just over a month now and coming from an 8310 curve it was an easy transition. Although i find myself using the virtual k/b more and more in landscape mode. portrait mode virtual k/b is just way to small, i find myself "fat fingering" it all the time. Combination of touchscreen, virtual k/b's, physical k/b, and trackpad make this the best BB to date hands down.
    10-11-10 08:23 AM
  16. qbnkelt's Avatar
    I had no problem with the keyboard, I love it. I thought my husband would have a learning curve, since he loved his 9000, but he says it was no problem at all learning how to type on the 9800.
    I'm not a fan of virtual keyboards, so I don't use mine.
    10-11-10 08:29 AM
  17. trego's Avatar
    Just got my torch Friday found the physical keyboard easy to use coming from a bold. The virtual keyboard in the landscaoe mode is also easy to adjust to. But my short fat fingers have trouble with the portrait version too.
    10-11-10 09:09 AM
  18. robtanz's Avatar
    Coming from a 9000, I find the keyboard just as good.
    10-11-10 09:11 AM