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    Torch is certaintly not the light of their lives for most people it seems. I have read other posts in this forum that recommend using BBSAK because it removes all traces of the previous OS. Other methods of wiping I'm starting to think is similar to quick format like when you installing winXP which is known to leave bits here and there. A blackberry is more or less a micro computer.

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    @Matrix Leader yea.. I think Im gonna get the 9780... Its just a waste of the money!
    The 9780 will still not work as seamlessly with a Mac as it does with Windoze.

    That's "THE" only issue I have with Berrys. The Mac Desktop Manager is ****e.

    I use both VMwareFusion and Parallels using Windoze XPpro to back up and do stuff to my Berrys.

    VMware and Parallels both work well for this. There are sources for XPpro that don't require the activation online. Just go hunting for ISOs or check out the demon site.

    And install either Vuze for Mac or xTorrent for Mac or Transmission to grab the files you find when hunting ISOs or the demon site.
    01-08-11 11:16 PM
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    My Torch seems to be working right now.. Its not showing the little timer anymore when I change an app or a chat. @Xstuntman, have u tried to wipe it?

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    Glad you're getting your Torch to behave. If you're willing to do another 'reload' of the OS, you might try the latest official OS for the Torch (.337). It's available in the Torch OS forum. Just be sure to delete the Vendor file (there are also good instructions in that same forum for doing OS upgrades). I've put it on my Torch and have noticed I have an even better phone than before. Best wishes.
    01-11-11 07:15 AM
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    torch user for a month and a half phone has begun freezing up, keyboard or touch sceen in-operative as if the screen lock is on(its not), then it comes to life dialing calls from the call menu and u cant stop the call without a battery pull. The phone also drops calls regularly, the mute feature turns on without touching either mute button. Good news is the battery pull helps as the phone stabilize and im starting to like the black screensaver. Os 246 at &t ..ps the phone dropped calls from day one
    Sorry about your troubles.

    I'm on OS .246 and am with AT&T. I've had my Torch since August and haven't had these problems. I'd do what the others have suggested....wipe the current OS and reload it. See if that will clear up your problems. If not, then take it back for a switch.
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