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    Sorry, another minor question:

    Is there a way to temporarily disable one email account? For example, I'll be traveling/roaming next week and will need data on, as I'll need to access my work email and some data apps; however, to minimize the data roaming charges, I'd like to temporarily disable my personal email (I will have internet access at my hotel and will check personal email there--just don't want to get charged for some stupid chain letter or spam forwards sent to my personal email) while on the road. The only ways I know of doing this right now (without disabling all data) is to either a. delete the personal email account (yeah... don't feel like having to set it all up again and lose the emails already on the phone, as they contain some info I'll need on the road) or b. change the password for the email account to an incorrect password, because it won't be able to retrieve email then (not sure if i'll still incur data charges as it tries to get email though).

    Any other options out there?

    Thanks again
    10-14-10 01:47 PM
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    Here's a simple way to avoid having messages delivered to an e-mail account on your device, as long as you do not have any filters enabled on the device. On your device, go to EMAIL SETUP and log in. Scroll to the email account you wish to pause, go to the menu, and select FILTERS. Scroll down and change WHEN NO FILTERS APPLY to DO NOT FORWARD MESSAGES TO THE DEVICE. Select SAVE and exit. Your account is intact, but you'll receive no messages. When you want to receive messages again, go back and change the selection to the original setting. This is easier and quicker to do than to explain it... ~Cheers.
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    10-14-10 06:42 PM
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    just delete the account then re-input the name and pword when you return?
    10-14-10 07:17 PM