1. Dihce's Avatar
    I had cracked my Torch's digitizer screen, so I bought a new screen. I took my torch apart np, screen came off with a little elbow grease because of the nice adhesive that surrounds the whole thing. Now when I got to put my new one on I realize, I don't have the adhesive. So I send an email to Truesupplier.com, and they said they don't supply it.. soooo...
    where can I get the adhesive for my Blackberry Torch 9800?!

    I've triend multiple searches and can't seem to find anything, I hope someone here has a source or at least a source that has a source. Or, at bare minimum, an alternative that will work just as well at sealing the digitizer to the LCD and keep dust from getting under the screen.

    10-25-10 02:32 PM
  2. thymaster's Avatar
    The adhesive is just a double sided tape. You can buy a large adhesive sheet (paper like) at any craft and hobbies store and cut down to size then apply.

    Btw, try not use heavy duty glue or any liquid glue because they get messy and it never stays on well.
    10-25-10 04:34 PM
  3. Dihce's Avatar
    Looks like Xactoknife and a night of Anal Retentive cutting is in my future.. damn I was hoping for a better option LOL

    10-25-10 06:22 PM