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    OK so i have been using my torch for about a month now and love it, best of both worlds doest even come close to how happy i am with this phone. my problem is that i have a company enterprise account which synchronizes my mail with exchange and as such my calender and contacts too, if i look at the device i have all my old contacts, restored from my bold 9000 phone book but i cannot get them to sync with my outlook, any new contacts i add will sync but the old ones will not.

    if i open my address book on the phone and go to options i have 2 desktop address books listed, 1 with 13 contacts and wireless sync enabled and 1 with 97 but no wireless as an option, i am have confirmed the first is the enterprise one and the second my restore.

    how can i move the contacts from my second desktop address book to the first so as to be able to synchronize the contacts wirelesly? i have tried everything, even creating a backup and formating the phone, restoring and trying to sync before adding to the enterprise acc with no luck, i am all out of options, please someone help.
    01-12-11 01:48 AM