1. Stinsonddog's Avatar
    What are you all seeing with the "R" shortcut for refresh. Seems like it works for me for a few days after the OS fires up (now on 3rd) then goes away and isn't available. It's very strange and I have never seen this. What are you all seeing?

    Oh and yes, I have "Enable Keyboard Shortcuts" checked in options, and I am on .225
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    09-15-10 08:32 AM
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    It's worked for me and still works, although I don't use the browser shortcuts all that much anymore with the touchscreen. I used to have the keyboard open as a crutch -- both in navigation and because it just felt weird to be browsing without the usual keyboard and trackbad formation -- but I've gotten used to browsing with the keyboard closed now. BB Key > Refresh is good enough.
    09-15-10 08:47 AM