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    I just called BB tech support , because i was having a problem syncing one calendar to the exchange server well i realized that the calendar that i did sync could be sync but the other one couldnt so i was wondering if you could move everything from the one that couldnt(Default) to the one that could (Desktop) and i called BB tech support and what the tech told me to do is this:

    1. select Calendar
    2. click the BB(memu button)
    3. select options
    4. TYPE "MOVE" physically type the word "move"
    there you will not see anything being typed but believe when you do type it, it will bring up some options to move all events from default,. after u get here u should be able to follow along the menus to finish..
    01-21-11 11:31 AM
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    Rhis works for the calendar in general BUT you should not have to do this. I am betting you have BBM installed with groups or maybe another non-BESemail account creating the problem. Eventually the issue will reappear.

    The only way to really fix the issue is to taker a backup via the DM, do a securoty wipe then a restore from backup. On my BIS device when the calendar fails to sync and goes "not installed" this is the only way to truly correct the issue. For me I have tied this to BBM groups since that actually creates a "group" calendar. Even doing a "move" does not correct the issue.

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    01-21-11 10:16 PM