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    I wasn't able to find this question answered on a previoius thread: How does the Memory Cleaning function work under Advanced Security Options? On my 9000 you would "Clean Memory Now" and all items would be cleared. However on the Torch, do you just touch "Clean" and it will automatically clean all items listed or do you have to touch each item then "Clean"? If touching "Clean" will clean all items, why do you even have the option to individually select the items underneath, as you can't seem to do anything else with them??
    11-19-10 08:54 PM
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    Yes it will clean all those categories. If you enable it and have the icon on you homescreen, it will do the same thing for all categories. You can use the trakpad or ts to run the cleaner. Selecting in any way an individual category does nothing on my device.

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    11-19-10 11:51 PM
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    Try ControlBBanel app which is a paid one in ShopCB on this site.

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    11-20-10 11:17 AM
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    Ah, didn't realize I had to enable auto Memory Cleaning in order to manually use the "Clean" button. Don't believe it was like that on my previous devices. I wondered why I didn't get the pop-up before, showing what was being clean. Feeling a little "duh" now...

    Anyway, thanks for the replies!
    11-20-10 02:22 PM
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    I'll do the ALT lg/lg thing once in a while ..............
    11-20-10 06:11 PM
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    What is the alt thing. Never here of it?

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    11-20-10 07:30 PM
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    Yes, I also clear my Event Log. Re: mohawk, if you hold down ALT and then press LGLG on your keyboard, the Event Log will pop-up and you can use the Menu key to clear. From what I understand, it operates similar to cached temp data on your PC and clearing it will free up some memory. Actually, I am pretty OCD and will generally clear my browser history, call logs, system memory and Event Log, then shutdown my phone and perform a battery pull once a day. Held over habits from older BBs I guess.

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    11-20-10 07:54 PM