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    I know there have been similar threads but I had a specific question regarding the charging process for the torch 9800. I just got the phone yesterday but what I noticed is that the phone stops charging when I am in a call or using the phone. Has anyone else noticed this? I have only had it happen once but when I was in a call it stopped charging. And then I used BBM and it stopped working.

    Any ideas?

    10-16-10 10:54 PM
  2. Cadillax's Avatar
    Hey sohaibsyed,

    I'm having similar problems. I've had this problem on 3 Torches so far.

    I'm trying to gather some information so I have a few questions:

    Do you think it could just have been a fluke that you only saw it not charging during that call or on BBM?
    Was the phone hot while you wanted to charge it?
    Were you using the phone a lot (30 mins - 1hr) before deciding to plug it in to charge?
    Was the battery low (30-40%) at the time that you decided to charge it?
    Can you plug your phone into your computer and transfer files from it while its not charging?

    This way we can maybe start getting some answers from the community and from RIM.

    10-16-10 11:16 PM
  3. sohaibsyed's Avatar
    hmmm okay so it seems what the issue is related to is the phone overheating. I have done some research and asked around. Basically the phone does not charge if it has been used heavily for BBM,playing a game, watching a video, Or being on a call...

    In my case I was on a call for about 1 hour and then i decided to plug it in to charge during the call...but obviously it was not charging because the phone was heating up. In my case the battery was at like 3 percent lol.

    The main issue seems to be it heating up.
    10-17-10 04:44 AM