1. drjaaaaa's Avatar
    So i had bb9780 white that had problems so i sold it.
    So i was gonna get torch white but then im hearing problems with torch as well.

    -key duplicate issue. types twice when input only once
    -wobbly trackpad issue

    -slider wobbly issue (seems pretty serious)
    -low call volume/ringtone issue

    I found those issues pretty serious.
    I want to know what are the chances of it happening?
    I'm hearing slider wobbly issue for Torch happens to most torches out there??
    but only heard duplicate issue happening to 3 ppl now including myself.

    so is it worth getting torch or 9780 when you are looking at problem free phone. any advices will be appreciated.

    11-22-10 05:05 PM
  2. kbz1960's Avatar
    Which one do you like?
    11-22-10 05:07 PM
  3. jcp007's Avatar
    It depends on your needs. I have noticed no wobble and have had mine since launch day. Volume has been fine but has improved with subsequent OS updates. Trackpad is solid and no duplicate issues.

    I would recommend going into a store and trying the device out for yourself. Since you are the potential owner, your decision is the one that counts.
    11-22-10 05:13 PM
  4. crester's Avatar
    If you want a touchscreen then get a Torch. Otherwise get the 9780.

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    11-22-10 06:00 PM
  5. mike448's Avatar
    Have both and I like my 9780 better. Torch is heavy and not as business friendly
    11-22-10 06:36 PM
  6. drjaaaaa's Avatar
    Thank you for advices.

    I wish I can get it from store and test before buying it and get something like 7day return policy or something.

    I went to Bell, just wanted to get their white bb9780 at retail price but they said that I need to be with Bell (contract/plan) in order to even buy at retail price. So I asked my friend who is with Bell to come with me and buy for me, but they said that once he buys the phone, they have to transfer his number to bb9780 (i think because he uses pearl without simcard) so that didn't work out for me.

    I went to virgin mobile since they have white bb9780 and i asked them and they said same thing, I have to be with virgin mobile in order to buy phone at retail. So I asked him is there any way to just buy phone, he said get cheapest plan for 1month and buy phone at retail price and cancel plan after 1month. Then that would cost me 15$ for cheapest plan + 35$ activation so that's additional 50$.

    Anyone has any idea how to get BB9780 or Torch from these stores at retail price and still get the 7day return policy? I really need that return policy because incase of that key duplicate thing happens again.

    How do people sell BNIB Sealed 9780s? how do they even get it like that?
    11-22-10 08:20 PM
  7. blockbuy's Avatar
    from what I've read they're the same hardware and software (yes same screen resolution) - just different form factors.

    Had mine nearly a week and no issues whatsoever with anything - comes preinstalled with patch 246 - my first BB and loving it. Been getting used to it so now I await my first patching experience. :-)
    11-23-10 04:56 AM