1. kuja9091's Avatar
    I went to my local wal-mart i live in KY and the were selling the torch for $398 with 2 year contract but i was in there last week and it was $178.00. I ask the rep and she said she had no clue why they raised the price. i thought it was odd i looked online and couldnt find anything on it. the price is still the same through AT&T $199 anyone else seen this?
    10-08-10 05:47 PM
  2. lafountain's Avatar
    That store may have gotten some bad info, Wal-Marts website still lists it for $99 on both upgrades and new contract purchases.
    10-08-10 06:26 PM
  3. kuja9091's Avatar
    could be i asked the stores rep she 5 people had came in to buy one until they saw the price. also the samsung captivate had a price jump as well. all other phone were the same price as before.
    10-08-10 06:34 PM